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Recycling, Repairing And Reusing Electronic Devices

Are we making the best use of electronic devices? Do we recycle phones and laptops as much as we could? Could we repair more computers? The best use of an electronic device is to use it efficiently over a long period of time to its maximum value. This value is derived by understanding its true cost then comparing it to how much it has been used. Making a positive impact in the modern world now means standing up for for maximum value in all areas of your life of all good and services and that means in the world of electronics extending the life of your phone. We need to live more sustainable lifestyles.

So what is happening in the world of electronic devices? The manufacturers are now taking full responsibility for the whole life span of their devices. They are responding to what happens to them after their general use. We need to stand behind those that do as a first point of action please visit hp.comProduct Return and Recycling or recycling mobiles. Secondly let us recycle locally to extend the live of electronics this will have the maximum impact if we have no other choices in returning them.

Support Recycling Of Your Phone And Laptop

The way to make an impact, as stated above is, by recycling, repairing and reusing your phone or laptop. Do this by searching and finding your local technology recycle centre. So if you are on travels in London or New York and looking for a mobile phone repair shop find them here below:

Fix your laptop or macbook

Repair Recycle Phone Laptop

We compare. We vigorously support and champion local technology repair centres.

The future is exciting but what about the environmental cost to all this consumption? For us to reach that time we have to advocate, promote and make a plead for technology sustainability and a sustainable lifestyle.

Reducing our waste in a much needed goal now if we are really to protect the planet. For many years we have know this to be so but have not really changed our ways. The questions we need to ask ourselves are. If fast fashion is not sustainable then what about other sectors? We know fast fashion is not as it takes up huge amounts of resources from design to manufacturing to order. We do not use many of the items long enough to justify their true cost but we choose to ignore. On the other hand however we are very much concerned about plastic recycling. Having said that the battle for sustainable fashion and other consumer good is gathering supporters. Save the planet, save money.

Is information technology helping us in the long term to manage our lives and the world around us. There is however a cost of natural resources in making this electronic hardware. Africa has a large quantity of natural resources, including diamonds, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite and silver but also woods and tropical fruits etc. We need to re-imagine, recreate and extending the life of electronic products as these resources are not finite. We need to buy pre-owned and refurbished as the lifespan of electronics is very short.

Second Hand Smartphone Shops

There is a growing needs for you the consumer to have a second phone (one for business/work).

We list West Africa Phones approved businesses. We champion technology local repair shops. We champion pre-owned and refurbished devices.

West Africa Phones Approved

Start your search for a second hand phone instead of an expensive new phone.

The Second Hand Market And Phone Repair Shops

The market for pre-used handsets is growing really quickly, consumers are making a shift to buying used handsets as there is a rise in these shops appearing on the high street. The market for acquiring second or third or fourth hand technology devices is set to become steadily more organised. Used, refurbished premium smartphones and older tablets may be more appealing than new unbranded devices. You can make a saving when considering your next digital technology. Start your search at West Africa Phones for a second hand center above.

It is said that the trade-in values of old tech after one, two or more years of ownership, will be similar to the equivalent service provided by the used automobile industry, as there is a market for old band model value or expected resale value. The average price of a used handset has increased year on year. This will only increase as the pace of innovation continues.

Before you trade in, wipe the data stored on your devices. Erased all your customer information on them before selling on. Professional buyers of phones delete data as part of the service. But do not hand the device over before you do it yourself.

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Better For The Environment

What really happens to the millions of phones, tablets and batteries that get thrown out after being used for a short period of time relative to the energy used to make them? Environmental sustainability of electronics is a growing issue. The smartphone funeral normally involves them ending up in landfills, leaching toxic chemicals* into the environment. Developed western societies have not been up to now efficient in the use of recycling precious metals used in mobile phones. There are numberous waste mountains in West Africa full of old technology. Recycling smartphones will reduce demand for coltan**. Buying a second hand phone is the eco-friendly thing to do. The handsets supplied are considerably more affordable than a brand new device, which is why customers find this a far more cost-effective option when looking to replace a broken phone or simply upgrade to the latest technology.

Second Hand Phones In Africa An Opportunity

Africa’s second hand market is virtually untapped. All emerging markets are viable for refurbished electronics and used smartphones. Your old phone could find a new owner in Africa. South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya have had rapidly expanding smartphone markets.

The Battle For African Countries And Their Communities

Our mission here at West Africa Phones is to be kind to our world and everyone in it. In particular we wish to focus on African countries who need to develop, like other areas in the world, but by different ways compared to Europe and America. We believe that the best solutions is to repair and recycle used devices for longer use. This is for all good that western countries use.

We are wish to leading the way in sustainable technology by sharing. Our small team create employment and income for local businesses, minimal environmental impact. Make a positive impact campaign and lobby for African communities.

  • We believe in fostering responsibility, sustainability and long-term thinking
  • We believe in recycling, repairing and reusing first
  • We believe in local, small businesses, enterprise and employment for the community in Africa and the diaspora
  • We believe in connecting African people with Africans in the diaspora

What you should do

“Firstly, make Africa a factor in the decisions you make around what you eat, how you travel, and what you buy. Secondly, talk about Africa with your friends, family and colleagues. Finally, demand that politicians and companies make it easier and cheaper to do the right thing for Africa and sustainability.

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*Toxic chemicals found in e-waste. Mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic are the four most toxic substances in the world and these are residues in very large quantities.
**Coltan is the common term for columbite-tantalite and is used in the production of niobium and tantalum. The ore is mined in South Africa, the largest deposits are found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.