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Coupon shopping to use its USA definition, is more than 120 years old. Coca-cola is widely regarded as the company that first brought couponing to the masses, beginning in 1887. It's believed that two decades after they launched their first campaign, one in nine Americans had redeemed a Coca-cola coupon.

Online retailers first realised the power of the old-fashioned coupon code in the 1990s and since then online voucher codes have soared in popularity.

In 2014 a staggering 55% of Internet users in the US redeemed an online vouchercode.

The UK is following a similar trend in marketing customer rewards, points and codes. Online vouchercode use increased by 43% in 2014, while 17% of the consumers studied described themselves as 'regular' online vouchercode users. Importantly, the same research also found that young people (18-34) were more likely to look for a deal than any other age group, which suggests online vouchercodes resonate with an Internet savvy, and deal-orientated, younger audience.

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