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Our Latest 2023 Tech News Stories

How Can Technologies Improve The Learning Process?

learning platforms and technology

The learning process can be improved if a person has memorable experiences by the inputs of their five senses. The senses are sight, sounds, touch, taste and smell. By the act of doing an exercise in which a person uses their senses repeatedly a person can learn. So for example this means seeing the mathematical equations, trying them and doing similar exercises. Or it could be hearing a musical melody a few times and playing it yourself. Today learning by accessing technology can be visual, audio and by acts of doing.

How Do Social Media Impact Interpersonal Communication?

Social media black girl online at home

Social media has an impact on interpersonal communication as it can be said that the social media services are an essential interpersonal communication channel for many people. In little over a decade of these platforms being around, social media has had a dramatic effect on people's everyday lives. Today an individual can communicate one to one with somebody on the other side of the world, millions of people are doing this everyday.

Mobile Phones - Advantages And Disadvantages

Black hand and mobile phone

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones? Today there are many reasons for people to be owning a mobile phone. In fact you can say that a mobile phone is an essential portable communication tool for a modern western citizen. In the international arena, throughout all parts of the world, mobile phone use is also extremely important. For instance many Africans are using their phones for many reasons which differ from how they are used in countries such as the UK because of data rates and data transfer speed.

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