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How To Guide For Video Conferencing?

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What is the best way to use video conferencing for my small business and my profession? Video conferences on software like Zoom have now become mainstream in the business world allowing people to connect live without a meeting. Video conferencing is a real solution today as you may not be able to meet your customer, supplier or your staff in person due to numerous reasons which as of the year 2020 are well documented. So how do you go about using video conferencing plus is this for me, my team and my business?

Software solutions providers can show you how, support and assist you in video conferences. however you can also find a package online yourself by comparing the many different options that companies like Microsoft and Google supply.

As a small medium sized enterprise SME or professional you may like a solution that you use once a month or four times a year which is fully managed and you can pay for in a single payment. What ever direction you head towards always have the use case in mind.

Is video conferencing right for my business? You and two or more people in different locations should consider video conferencing as the technology can be used for client sales meetings, product demos, team webinars, job interviews, and more. Participants of these meetings online get to meet earlier than face to face if distances are vast between them. Countries in Africa can benefit from video conferences if they have to right technology. This means any decisions can be made quicker than the old way of doing business and time is saved together with money.

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What Are The Businesses Or Professionals That Use Video Conferencing?

There are numerous ways and examples of how video conferencing has been used. Here we are giving real life examples of typical businesses or professionals using video conferencing to an audience. We are also giving suggestions of how you could use this technology, so here it is as follows:

  • SME CEO, COO, and CFO communicating with other offices in other businesses or with their staff. Top use therefore is the business meeting
  • Founders communicating with their technical team of contractors for agile development, daily stand ups with Slack integration
  • Video interviews by a remote panel with a candidate
  • IT help desk distance diagnostics
  • Independent individuals in scientific or engineering occupations in the field networking with the lab or other teams in all parts of the world
  • IOT devices connecting with operators in remote locations such as drones, remote rovers and cameras. AI, VR and AR enhanced conferences
  • Accountants in a closed networks of clients or with other accountants taking on large corporate contracts
  • Sales presentations or product demos. Artisans, craft persons and small traders doing business and having access to market online* this is marketplace offerings
  • Exporters looking for new clients in new markets by passing middle men/women. Looking to supply directly in a marketplace offering with fairer trade
  • Doctors training their staff or other doctors and nurses in remote locations. Groups of people can confer with physicians anywhere in the world this is called telemedicine
  • Doctors networking with other doctors on their own services, needs and wants for example mental health and well being issues
  • Vets (veterinarians) taking question and answers, giving how to guides or top tips to their client base as a way to create community
  • Dentists presentations and training their staff or other dentists in remote locations
  • Optometry training their staff or other opticians in remote locations
  • Legal testimony by prisoners and witnesses mean this technology is used in law with livestreamed sessions
  • Lawyers taking online Q&A’s to their client base as a way to create community in remote location outside city centres
  • Actuarial science project workers networking as a team on large corporate contracts based in remote cities
  • Educational uses or webinars. Teachers of all subjects and all levels teaching pupils lessons and taking classes online. E-learning or with Dynamic Learning is moving into the mainstream
  • Collaborators in the arts and entertainment for example a team of writers based in different parts of the working on a one off project. This can be called telecommuting
  • Care home providers wishing for their clients to have calls from their family at one time from many locations
  • Funeral services by video conferences conducted by funeral directors
  • Religious leaders or in house chaplains providing services to the community from their homes or place of work to external people
  • A network of social workers looking to support each other on their own mental health
  • Gym or dance instructors taking classes with clients online, such as yoga, LBT or HITT, salsa or jive
  • Wedding and party planners looking to bring together all members of a team for a one of event project
  • Live DJs and lockdown birthday parties

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How Vodafone Set Up A Video Conferences Session

Here is an example of how Vodafone hosted an Online session called Cyber Security MeetUp using

Presentations were on a range of topics which served for kicking off discussions within the community. Q&A through

Great speakers lined up were:

  • Vodafone's Approach to Cyber Security by Andrew Talbot, Head of Global Cyber Prevent at Vodafone Group
  • Challenges of Retaining your Cyber Talent, Improving Diversity and Inclusion by David Fox, Virtual CSO
  • Cyber Security by Stuart Perkins, Principal Manager Cyber Defence at Vodafone Group

The meet up ran for about 2 hours
Zoom Meeting (please login to Zoom, pass code shared 15 mins before)
April 29th 5.30PM

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Business And Video Conferences

Today video conferences and virtual events platforms are trending. Having said that they are unlikely to replace in-person events in the long-term but they do offer lots of advantages for attendees and organisers. In summary the best way to use video conferencing for a small business or profession is to provide solutions. These maybe solutions for:

  • Business conferences
  • Company meetings
  • Distributed team meetings
  • Virtual events
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Customer stories
  • Sales pitches, presentations or product demos
  • Livestreamed sessions
  • Webinars and online training

Video conferencing is right for you if you are looking to connect and communicate in this way. All the above means a secure level of service is required by the users and all these uses are based on a person having a good internet connection with a good a camera. See below for minimum requirements:

  1. An internet connection – broadband wired is best or wireless
  2. Speakers and a microphone
  3. A webcam or HD webcam
  4. A HD cam or HD camcorder with video capture card
  5. Video Conferencing Software: video conferencing tools and apps


*For example furniture, decorative art, sculpture, clothing, jewellery, food items, household items can be showcased to qualified customers. These items can be sold door to door from a home or a warehouse ecommerce taken care of from companies like Amazon.


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